Mainstream Media ignore journalist subpoenaed on leak

In an effort to be "open and transparent" the Obama administration served subpoenas to a couple of journalist for revealing the new and hopelessly inept TSA rules issued after the recent Christmas day bomb attempt.  

The Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the Transportation Security Administration, sent federal agents to the homes of two journalists and served them with subpoenas on Tuesday night to try to identify the source of a leak about aviation security changes imposed after the failed attempt on Christmas Day to blow up Northwest Flight 253. 

People that have been in the intelligence arena for any time know that these sort of knee jerk reactions aren't new.  What's surprising is the total lack of coverage by the mainstream media.  Where is the New York Times arguing about journalistic freedom or the first amendment?  Why hasn't MSNBC run non stop stories about protecting whistle blowers?  A search on google news barely turns up a single peep. The main stream media's hypocrisy is on full display, much like ignoring the Tea Party protesters, Van Jones, Acorn, and Climate Gate here is another story that will be ignored. 

The media is so enamored with the Obama administration that they will shamefully look the other way as the administration acts like a school yard bully. The DHS bullies, like most bullies, lash out when embarrassed by their own incompetence. 
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