Madoff's health care

Bernard Madoff is a senior citizen, age 71. American Thinker reports today that he appeared to have been beat up in prison. The question is: what if this had happened to him outside of prison under ObamaCare? Would he get to go to such a fine facility as the Duke University Medical Facility? Would your or my 72 year old loved one get to be treated at Duke? Not according to Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel and Robert Reich.

Specifically, what if another future swindler such as 71 year old Madoff were accosted on the street in New York by one of his victims before any charges had been brought against him? A punch to the midsection could have caused internal bleeding or kidney damage. Would a future swindler (or a grandfather slipping and falling on an icy street) be treated at a fine medical facility such as Lenox Hill Hospital in New York? Or would they be given painkillers and sent home, told to return in four months?

By being sent to Duke University, Madoff has swindled the public once again. Why was he not sent to the equivalent of a county hospital? I suspect either Duke has a contract to treat inmates or the Federal Government believes they have to keep Madoff in as good condition as possible in order to have a chance of hearing any further revelations from him as to where the swindled money has gone.

So the question for the general voter of any political affiliation is: Do you think you are as good a person as Bernie Madoff and believe you are entitled to as good medical coverage? And do you think you, as a taxpayer, believe Madoff should have been sent to a lower cost county hospital - or before one of the Death Panels?

These questions may not have much resonance with the typical American this holiday season, but they will in near future, be it in January or in a few years if the ObamaCare gets an opportunity to show how "well" it treats the general public's health.

They used to say, when I was growing up, that the only way for a typical person to get in the newspapers was to go to prison or die. That seems to be a perfect description of what it will take to get full medical coverage under ObamaCare.

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