Luck, not screening, saved Flight 253

The passengers of Northwest/Delta Airlines Flight 253 are lucky they are still alive. They should be the last passengers in the U.S. exposed to this kind of risk because of political correctness.

The incident would have never happened on a plane flying out of Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport, because the Israelis do it right.  They try to find out what is on the passenger's mind, not what is in his bag or shoe. 

How many dead innocents will it take before the U.S. realizes it has to do the same?  Since almost all the terrorist are jihadists who are either Muslims or converts to Islam, security personnel  should concentrate on finding out who are the passengers with such a mindset, instead of wasting time randomly checking everybody with the same intensity. 

At what point will the responsible authorities realize they have to change policy?  Is anybody looking forward to being in the unfortunate group whose killing will finally trigger a change?  Why not do it NOW?

We all know what the problem is.  After Fort Hood only the most stubborn ostriches refuse to acknowledge Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan's motives displayed in his PowerPoint presentation available in the Washington Post.       

It is time to hold politicians who refuse to protect their fellow citizens from jihadi terror accountable.  Or would the majority of Americans rather be dead than viewed as politically incorrect?