If the terrorist had been a Christian

Ethel Fenig, in her blog article about media reporting on the Detroit terrorist incident points out the politically correct hesitancy of the Washington Post to mention the terrorist's religious affiliation. In following her link and reading the article, I thought this to be the money quote:

"Democrats in the House and Senate vowed to hold hearings in January but also urged caution in jumping to conclusions".

That is so rich with irony that it inspired me to imagine for the moment if the individual attempting to ignite explosives had been a Texas conservative and  born-again Christian.

Might not the media coverage be going something like this?

The right-wing terrorist, whose extreme Christian militancy was in obvious display in the form of a small, gold crucifix hanging on a slim chain around his neck, is from Texas, a state known for its ultra-conservative, politically involved Christian churches. Investigators delving into the terrorist's background have learned that he is a registered Republican who interestingly appears to have voted in every election since achieving his majority

Because of the American flag tattoo found by authorities on the radical Christian terrorist's upper right arm, it is distinctly possible that he may be linked to a right wing militia organization, many of which thrive in Texas, where the reactionary Republican governor is known for providing them a sanctuary from which to attack peaceful progressives across the rest of the nation.

Authorities also made note of a vague physical resemblance between this Christian terrorist and convicted right-wing, Oklahoma City bomber, Timothy McVeigh who was executed in 2001 for his conservative terrorism. Officials also reported that they are looking into another suspicious connection between the two, that both had served in the Army where it was possible that they were trained in the use of explosives.

Democrats in the House and Senate vowed to cut off all federal funds to Texas immediately until hearings can be held sometime in the latter part of 2010 and also urged Americans to be alert for suspicious behavior in all known Christians with conservative beliefs. Anyone wearing a crucifix or displaying an American flag should be reported to the Department of Homeland Security or local officials immediately.

Yes, it's parody but wouldn't it be interesting to see just how far off the mark I am should a conservative Christian ever perpetrate such an act of terror?

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