Harry Reid's problem with basic math

Yesterday morning, Harry Reid took the podium to broadcast his personal victory, that cost hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes to create, and said the following,

Much of our attention this year has been consumed by this health care debate. And a Harvard study found that 45,000 times this year - nearly 900 times every week, more than 120 times a day, on average every 10 minutes, without end - an American died as a direct result of not having health insurance.

While many might be thrilled with the Senate Leader's great victory, some of us who can do math, are greatly concerted about Harry Reid's figuring. It seems to me that the Senate Leader's concern is amiss.

Using figures that Reid gave, by my math, if every ten minutes an American dies  that's 144 Americans each day. Since the bill, should it become law, doesn't take place until 2013, it seems that more than 210,240 Americans stand to die before one person is "helped". If Reid were really worried about dying Americans he ought to be stunned that waiting four years will cost the lives of over 200,000 Americans. But I guess that Reid and his cohorts are still chortling about the numbers of additional Medicare folks who will be removed from voting roles due to cuts in their health care.

But, Mr. Reid, you ought to be excited about all us "older" folks, real voters, and real knowledgeable about election consequences, being gone from the scene, due to Medicare cuts. But maybe that's the Democrats' intention to begin with. If you shove off the old folks you can build an entitlement class from the ground up and enslave all of them!


Beverly Gunn

A simple East Texas Rancher.........has seen the complexities and long waiting times for health care while an Army dependent. She hopes average Americans will storm the walls to keep this nasty legislation from passing during the reconciliation. process.

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