Harry Reid compares health care reform opponents to slavery supporters

How desperate are Democrats about passing the so called health care reform bill? This desperate. Listen as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) equates contemporary Republican opponents exercising their Constitutional and other legal rights to speak out against the bills, to those in the past who didn't mind slavery, were against women voting, and didn't believe in civil rights. (Apparently all Democrats were for all these rights. . .except when they weren't.)

Instead of joining us on the right side of history, all Republicans have come up with is this: Slow down, stop everything, let's start over. You think you've heard these same excuses before, you're right. In this country, there were those who dug in their heels and said, Slow down, it's too early. Let's wait, things aren't bad enough about slavery. When women want to vote, slow down, there will be a better day to do that. The day isn't quite right. This body was on the verge of guaranteeing civil rights to everyone, regardless of the color of their skin, some senators resorted to the same filibuster threats that we hear today. History is repeating itself before our eyes. There are now those who don't think it is the right time to reform health care. If not now, when?

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele responded

"Having made this disgraceful statement on the floor of the United States Senate, Mr. Reid should immediately apologize on the Senate floor to his colleagues, to his constituents, and to the American people. If he is going to stand by these statements, the Democrats must immediately reconsider his fitness to lead them."

How about a civil right and the freedom to purchase health care across state lines without the aid of the government or through an employer in the same way people get their auto insurance, their home protection insurance, even their pet insurance? The when, Senator Reid, is now.

Rick Moran adds:

Harry is a little fuzzy on his history. It was Republicans who freed the slaves. It was southern Democrats - led by the senior Democrat in the Senate Robert Byrd - who tried to filibuster the 1964 Civil Rights Act. And Republican progressives had been agitating for women to get the vote since before the days of Republican Susan B. Anthony (many suffragettes were former abolitionists - an almost purely Republican movement).

But don't let history stand in your way, Harry. You're on a roll, man.