Graph of the Day for December 12, 2009

"This is the fruit of decades of ‘leave the market alone, don't regulate it. It will take care of itself."  House Banking Committee Chairman Barney Frank

"A stark failure of the economy and this administration's laissez faire, take the referee off the field, let anyone do whatever they want to do and everything will be fine."  House Democratic Leader Steny Hoyer.

Manufacturing Jobs

Government Jobs

Source:  Federal Reserve of St. Louis, FRED

Hoven's Index for December 12, 2009

Number of employees in various industries as a percentage of total non-farm jobs, in November 2009:

Government:  17.2%.

Education & Health:  14.8%.

Liesure & Hospitality:  10.0%.

Manufacturing (durable & nondurable):  8.9%.

Construction:  4.5%.

Natural resources & mining:  0.5%.

Source:  Federal Reserve of St. Louis, FRED

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