Did FBI leaker target Rep. Harman?

There's been a report that an anti-Israeli lefty translator working for the FBI has pleaded guilty of leaking classified information respecting government wiretaps to a blogger.

Checking the record, the most likely leak that fits the bill is this report about Jane Harman and AIPAC, first reported in Jeff Stein's CQ Quarterly:, and carried by the New York Times:

Nancy Pelosi first denied she'd received a report about the wiretap but later, her recollection seems to have been refreshed.

At the time, I wrote that the story itself was preposterous and I still think it was. Also, some claimed the leak involved the NSA program and I said that was twaddle--it was the FBI during its investigation of the AIPAC case.

And so it was.

Clarice Feldman

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