Deceit of Biblical proportions

This morning I scraped Global Warming/Climate Change off the windshield of my car.  As the old song goes, ‘Baby, it's cold outside.'  But, do recall, we had a number of eggheads from CRU  (Climate Research Unit) telling us the temperature is rising.

Science is taken from the Latin scientia meaning knowledge.  Well, a whole lot of people got fooled.  When science, the search for knowledge, becomes the pursuit for money, I can't even call Climate science Voodoo.  Voodoo is, at its core, an unadulterated belief.

The ultimate lesson to be learned and relearned is this:  When members of the scientific community, and some aspect of scientific research, become ensnared by the tentacles of the governmental establishment, we as citizens must immediately recognize that there is a problem.

Embryonic stem cell research comes to mind, and the political fight which ensued was more like a grudge match.  President Bush banned Federal funding while President Obama rescinded that ban.   Lots of money is involved as the National Institute of Health (NIH) opened a new website to divvy out the cash.  But up to this date no scientific or medical benefit has been derived from Embryonic stem cell research

Science must be saved from the exploitation of those who would pervert the scientific pursuit of knowledge for mere financial gain and fraudulent academic credentials.  At a time when a political agenda has polluted the scientific waters and then promoted a fraud, we are not dealing with a misdemeanor or mere political malfeasance, but historical deceit of Biblical proportion.

The church is continually being indicted for ‘interfering' with scientific pursuits.  The secular battle cry is always, "Separation of Church and State," a dictum which isn't even in the Constitution.  Many will disagreement with me when I say that the "Separation of Church and State" is to save religion from government, but surely, no one will argue against a separation between Science and State. 

A wall must be built between the two, for science is a great tool, but radical politicians and their agendas are very dangerous masters.