Dear Gitmo terrorists: Welcome to Thomson; temperature - 7 above.

While Rick Moran is correctly thinking about buying a gun for the first time in his life because of the proposed transfer of Gitmo inmates to a pork-created, underused prison in Thomson, Illinois, about 150 miles from his home, let's look at the positive aspects, if any, of (alleged of course) terrorists on US soil.

According to the weather conditions at Guantanamo on Monday morning seem delightful: sunny with a few clouds and light breezes on an 85 degree day. Off in the distance are palm trees, oceans--ahhhhh! Yeah, the inmates are in prison but they have access to pleasant outdoor facilities, uplifting scenery--well, as uplifting as any prison scenery can be of course.

Meanwhile, off in Thomson, winter has arrived early and with a vengeance in this period of global warming: sure, it is bright and sunny but the temperature was 7 above zero, but the wind on the flat, bleak plain makes it seem as if it is 8 below. No relaxing outdoor exercise at this time of the year. Oh sure, the prison will be warm and cozy inside thanks to the new "cash for caulkers" planned "sexy" incentive weatherization program courtesy of President Barack Obama's (D) federal government and Home Depot--a local Thomson hardware store, like all small hardware stores owned by small businesspeople, seemingly unable to handle the job. However the ambience of Thomson seems dreary and cold compared to Gitmo.

Certainly these chill factors are enough of a violation of the Geneva Convention that there will be an uproar from the ACLU, Human Wrongs Watch and others more concerned about the condition of the tender skins of (alleged) terrorists than those of the victims, that this transfer will be voided. After all, the needs of terrorists trump everything.