Dealing with human dignity

The world is wrapped in a frigid cold.  Yelling, “Global Warming, where are you!”  would be funny if people weren’t freezing to death in Europe (here, here and here). 

People are dying of cold in the European font of social experimentation.  Their Petri dish doth runneth over.  

It’s not unusual for death to have a socialized-face.  In France in 2003 over 14,000 people died during a searing heat wave, and France’s socialized medical system didn’t help.  The doctors were on their government mandated vacation. 

At this time of year, when Christmas is two days away, Congress is intent on the socialization of the nation, handing us our own European lifestyle for a gift, which is designed to ‘keep giving’ or rather ‘keep taking,’ but most likely will do both. 

I made a quick online search, and I learned that at present, no Americans in any number have yet to freeze to death.  Well, none that the MSM has seen fit to report.  Considering who is president and which party dominates the congress, maybe those kinds of numbers aren’t fit to publish at this particular time.  But I suspect, and of course, I can be wrong, but I do believe ‘death by hypothermia’ isn’t an issue for our nation presently. 

We do live in a land of plenty, because there are people giving straight from their pockets.  The fact is America is the most giving nation in the history of the world and that includes domestic and foreign.  I’m not speaking of the government.  We know better.  I won’t contrast red state against blue state.  We know better that as well.

Anyone, be they politician or columnist, pollster or academic, who rails against the Season doesn’t appreciate the fact that, if you show the America people a problem, it will be dealt with.   Those Americans who deal with their own money and hands understand the essence of human dignity.  If you can, name for me one government bureaucracy, which has that sense of understanding let alone the ability, let me know.  

No dignity can be found in waiting for a governmental department to say when you can or cannot be treated, or that you may not be treated at all.  What government appointee or self-aggrandizing elected official knows best about how to care for every child in a nation of over three-hundred million, or the elderly, or how to best heat your home? 

Human dignity is a purely human element. Dealing with human dignity is a purely human act, which means one thing, right now, in this increasingly deadly winter, as government officials grasp like unrepentant Scrooges, and that is “There is no dignity in dying from the cold.”