Cuban government lets Obama have it

Here's a heart-warming Christmas gift of "truth" as given to the world by a Cuban leader earlier this week regarding President Obama and his carriage and attitude at the recently concluded U.N. Climate Conference in Copenhagen.

Mr. Bruno Rodriguez, Cuba's foreign minister, had some wonderful stocking stuffers. Listen to these jingles about our beneficent President -

... "imperial and arrogant liar."

"... at this summit, there was only imperial, arrogant Obama, who does not listen, who imposes his positions and even threatens developing countries." (Actually, he threatens everybody - "I won! Punch back twice as hard!" Nevertheless, a quibbling point.)

"... a fallacy, a farce," re: the summit.

"undemocratic and suicidal," re: Washington using backroom deals and strong-arm tactics. (Wow, imagine that, our Chicago gangster land President and staff behaving like this.)

"Obama knew he was lying, that he was deceiving public opinion..." re: when no climate agreement had yet been reached.

Even the old junkyard dog, Fidel, got in on the spirit of the season when he opined about Obama's Copenhagen speech, "deceitful, demagogic and full of ambiguities." (Hey, standard operating procedure for Boy IWonder.)

These words are music. The shame is that a sock-puppet dictatorship is the one that has to utter these spot-on analyses about our President and his modus operandi. This must prove the maxim "It takes one to know one."

Where are OUR leaders calling out these character flaws in our Potentate, especially in light of his shenanigans at the Climate Conference? Our bad boy President has earned his lumps of coal, and not the "clean burning" ones, a few times over. Let's give it to him when he begs it.

Merry Christmas, Mr. President... and bah-humbug!