Axelrod on Meet the Press: Reform is Nirvana

On Meet the Press on Sunday, David Gregory spoke with David Axelrod about some of the implications of passing health care reform in the near future.  He and President Obama are riding high after they threatened and bought off several senators in the latest round of ‘You can have your own opinions, as long as they agree with ours'.  Their plan is to fundamentally change the way America operates.  If they get Obamacare, they get everything.

Gregory asked about abortion, the negative polls, and what the bill means to everyday people.  Axelrod averred that the status quo on abortion funding has not changed within the Senate version of the health care bill. 

Let me say first on the, on the issue of abortion, there have been concerns expressed both from the pro-choice groups and some anti-choice groups, pro-life groups on this.  But the fact is it really doesn't change the status quo, and that's what we were after.  The president said this should not be the vehicle through which the abortion debate and changes in the abortion law should come.

So, why the dancing around when the President got what he wanted all along?  Standard Axelrod procedure:  hold out the carrot, let the politicians look like they are fighting over it, pull it away, then put it back in their faces, then pull it away again.  He plays the Congress, the Media, and the American people like a bunch of fools.  He laughs all the way to victory.

In addition, Axelrod doesn't pay attention to the polls about health care reform.  He disregards the wishes of a majority of Americans because he calls their views, "an anomaly" in the health care debate.

I think that there's a big anomaly in the polls that's worth discussing.  When you ask people "do you support the bill that's working through Congress, the president's bill" and so on, they give you that result. (A majority don't want it)

Three months ago, he remarked about the million or so patriots who showed up in D.C. to protest the negative parts of the House's version of the bill by saying, "They're wrong." 

Axelrod is not in this for the American people.  He continues to downplay the people's will.  He is like a bad parent who tries to tell his child that her pain from a broken arm is not as bad as she thinks it is.

He just keeps on selling a lie.  Listening to Axelrod go on about the virtues of the Senate bill; one could get caught up in a feeling that we will be experiencing heaven just as soon as this bill goes into effect.

It's going to bring more security to people who, who have insurance today in relation to their insurance companies, it'll reduce their costs over time as well.  It's going to help people who don't have insurance, including small businesses who can't afford it or people who don't get it through their employer, get it at a cost they can afford.  It's going to extend the life of Medicare and give seniors some, some more support in terms of prescription drugs and better care.  And in the long run, it's going to reduce our deficits, the CBO said yesterday, by $132 billion in the first 10 years, over a trillion in the second, and, and, and stop the inexorable rise of healthcare costs that threatens to crush our budget...

The following excerpt from Man and His Symbols by Carl Jung may provide an answer as to why President Obama and David Axelrod want this health care reform so badly.

The communist world has one big myth. It is the time hallowed archetypal dream of a Golden Age where everything is provided in abundance for everyone and a great, just and wise chief rules over a human kindergarten. This powerful archetype has gripped them in its infantile form. We even support it by our own childishness, for our Western civilization is in the grip of the same mythology.

The President and his advisor are the chiefs, and the American people are their kindergarten.  They like playing God.

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