Army Instructors in Islamic culture go back to Reagan's time

Powerline (via Andrew McCarthy) reports that the US military is now bringing in “experts” on Islamic culture to lecture the troops at Ft. Hood, allowing a Muslim Brotherhood affiliated group to come in at this time to lecture troops on Muslim culture, making sure they don’t offend it. Yet this is essentially proselytizing for Islam, or as this activity is commonly known in the Middle East, advancing jihad by verbal advocacy.

The major quote from the Powerline piece is the conclusion:

Safi apparently has assessed that in this country, where the leaders are fools and a bizarre culture of political correctness allows a suspected jihadist to provide psychological counseling to its soldiers, jihad is best pursued by accepting invitations from the military to indoctrinate the troops.

I'd say he's made a good call.

Why is this happening and when did it become US policy? Andrew McCarthy at NRO says it goes back to Pres. Reagan’s time:

Also established in 1981, the IIIT is a Saudi funded think-tank dedicated, it says, to the "Islamicization of knowledge" — which, Zeyno Baran (in Volume 6 of the Hudson Institute's excellent series, "Current Trends in Islamist Ideology") has aptly observed, "could be a euphemism for the rewriting of history to support Islamist narratives." Years ago, the Saudis convinced the United States that the IIIT should be the military's go-to authority on Islam. One result was the placement of Abdurrahman Alamoudi to select Muslim chaplains for the armed forces. Alamoudi has since been convicted of terrorism and sentenced to 23 years in federal prison.

The concluding quote of the Andrew McCarthy piece is also damning of current US military policy:

Asked if the FBI should sever ties with ISNA, Emerson said, "ISNA is an unindicted co-conspirator. It's a Muslim Brotherhood group. I think in terms of legitimacy there should be certain expectations of what the group says publicly. If it continues to espouse jihad and anti-Semitism, I think it nullifies it right to have the FBI recognize it."

If you want to get a sense of the garbage our troops are being forced to endure in Fort Hood's classrooms, check out Jihad Watch, where my friend Bob Spencer has more on this episode and on his prior jousts with Safi, here, here, and here.

What on earth is this government doing, and will Congress please do something about it?

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