Alaska to get Sarah Palin's dream gas pipeline throughCanada

Today the final Canadian government report was released which reviewed the proposed natural gas pipeline from the Beaufort Sea, north of Alaska through Canada's Northwest Territories.   It took 3 years and $16 Million for this study on the Mackenzie Valley pipeline to be completed and approved in Canada.

This is the same pipeline that Alaska was waiting for, as it will run Alaska natural gas to hook into the Canadian pipeline system and then run south to locations in Canada and the USA. 

If the Alaska gas is channeled into this pipeline, then it would have to be bigger in diameter by about 50 percent with the huge amount of natural gas that Alaska wants to ship south over the next 5o years.

This is related to the same contract that Sarah Palin signed just a few weeks before she was picked to run as vice president with Senator John McCain in august 2008.

The price of the Alaska portion of the line was at least $24 billion U.S., but that price was 5 years ago.

The Financial Post has more details.