A list of 12 very bad ideas

1. Letting a “vehemently pro man-made global warming advoca[te]” investigate Climategate.


2. Trusting the climate experts in the Obama White House.


3. Electing Barbara Boxer to office in the first place, then listening to what she says about Climategate.


4. Blaming the Secret Service for the White House party crashers, and using the Separation of Powers doctrine to stonewall questioning of White House social secretary Desiree Rogers.


5. Putting SEIU President Andy Stern on the team conducting an internal investigation of ACORN.


6. California Attorney General Jerry Brown’s not recusing himself from investigating ACORN.


7. Barney Frank’s investigating the housing bubble.


8. Letting Chris Dodd anywhere near banking legislation.


9. Asking Attorney General Eric Holder for legal precedent.


10. Relying on the president, whose Cabinet has the least private sector experience since at least 1900, to create jobs.


11. Letting certain mammals guard a henhouse.


12. Letting certain other mammals run a cheese factory.