230 physicists, including a Nobel Laureate, sign petition on Climategate

On December 6, I wrote that a number of distinguished physics professors, horrified by the revelations of Climategate have asked the American Physical Society

" to put the 2007 Statement on ice until the extent to which it is tainted [by the work of the East Anglian CRU] can be determined"

It now appears that 230 members of the society, a hardly insignificant number, have joined in this petition, according to Declan McCullagh of the CBS News blog Taking Liberties:

In the aftermath of the embarrassing data leaks, however, Princeton's Happer says that about half of the APS members they've contacted now support the petition (which, after all, is only asking for an independent analysis of the science involved).
Of the signatories so far, Happer says, 77 are fellows of major scientific societies, 14 members of the National Academies, one is a Nobel laureate, and there is a large number of authors of major scientific books and recipients of prizes and awards for scientific research. He adds: "Some have accepted a career risk by signing the petition. The 230 odd signatories can hardly be dismissed as lightweights compared to those who spread the message of impending climate disaster."

This has become a common refrain: Hans von Storch, director of the Institute for Coastal Research, calls the climate change axis a "cartel." A colleague, Eduardo Zorita, went further and said the scientists implicated in the e-mails "should be barred" from future United Nations proceedings and warned that "the scientific debate has been in many instances hijacked to advance other agendas." One estimate from a free-market group says that 12 of the 26 scientists who wrote the relevant section of a U.N. global warming report are "up to their necks in ClimateGate."

h/t:Rick Ballard

The fact the cbs is reporting this, if even only on its online blog also seems significant to me.

Clarice Feldman