What is really 'Unprecedented'

In an earlier blog today, frequent AT contributor Ethel C. Fenig pointed out Obama’s unprecedented use of the word “unprecedented.” There is one aspect of the first year of  the Obama administration that truly is “unprecedented.” According to Fox News:

President Obama has shattered the budget record for first-year presidents -- spending nearly double what his predecessor did when he came into office and far exceeding the first-year tabs for any other U.S. president in history.

In fiscal 2009 the federal government spent $3.52 trillion -- $2.8 trillion in 2000 dollars, which sets a benchmark for comparison. That fiscal year covered the last three-and-a-half months of George W. Bush's term and the first eight-and-a-half months of Obama's.

That price tag came with a $1.4 trillion deficit, nearly $1 trillion more than last year. The overall budget was about a half-trillion more than Bush's for 2008, his final full fiscal year in office.


[Obama’s] 2009 budget [for one year] is … close to 21 percent of that for Clinton's eight years in office -- Clinton's spending added up to $13.5 trillion over his two full terms. Bush spent $16.8 trillion from 2001-2008. [Emphasis added.]

If Obama wants to talk about what is really unprecedented … he should speak about his administration’s budget.