Wanted: Talented Doctors

If Obama and the Democrats get their way with healthcare, the best American physicians may leave. Imagine a recruitment ad like this:

"Our company is organizing an offshore medical community to take advantage of the anticipated increase in demand for patient and doctor centered healthcare. We are soliciting applications from doctors and other health care professionals who want to work full time or by the month. The staff will be free from onerous governmental restrictions and be encouraged to provide the best possible medical care. The compensation will be generous and will include yearly bonuses based on individual contributions and corporate profitability.

The location is vacationer's paradise close the continental United States.  Sports facilities, restaurants and varied accommodations are with in walking distance to the hospital. We endeavor to make the environment conducive to hard work and relaxation.

Applicants should currently be employed in good standing at a top 40 medical center in the United States. They should have at least 5 years experience, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, judgment, maturity, and creativity.

Our goal is to preserve the availability of excellent medical care for those Americans able to pay for it.  We are creating the most advanced and sophisticated medical center in the world and will sell insurance that will cover costs for treatment at our facility. 

Please send letters expressing interest to Peter Landesman mathmaize@yahoo.com.
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