Videos of Ft. Hood Shooter at Israeli Ambassador Address to Homeland Security Policy Institute

Free Republic poster, American in Tokyo has identified and detailed frames of a conference at George Washington University in Washington DC where Israeli Ambassador Meridor spoke on counter terrorism. He sat in the second row of a very small meeting room, very near the Ambassador.

Spending the better half of one day and one night searching the internet for information on the Ft. Hood Muslim shooter, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, I have found this disturbing 2009 video from the online archives of C-Span in which the terrorist appears. There has been some reference to this video in US media but not widespread it seems.

It is located HEREat C-Span.

Nidal Malik Hasan was apparantly an invited guest to a public address in Washington by the Israeli Ambassador to the US, Sallai Meridor. Shooter Hasan took a seat in the second row nearly across from the Ambassador and one of the participants Yonah Alexander of Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies (also professor of international studies and director of the Institute for Studies in International Terrorism at the State University of New York)-the program ironically called "Combating Terrorism". It is my impression or at least some level of concern that the Israeli Ambassador, other anti-terrorist officials and VIPs at that event may have been in some level of danger. I have analyzed the video in detail. In addition to the link above, I provide my own outtakes from said January event in Washington.

These were placed on YouTube. Please view them there.

Further, I provide time-mark comments to the C-Span VIDEO below as well as further details.

Here are the time marks:

00:13 Shooter in second row from front directly in front of Ambassador and Dr. Alexander.

06:24 Video shows, in the upper center, US Army Major dressed in BDU, looking down, as he is seated in the second row. Either taking notes, or in deep thought.

31:40 to 32:03 Clear view of Hasan from back of room, looking down the whole time, on right in military uniform.

75:00 to 75:25 Very Clear close up view of Major Hasan! It is him.

84:10 Moderator asks, in accordance with security measures, that everyone "please remain seated" while Ambassador Meridor leaves

84:23 Moderator demands AGAIN, that everyone remain seated as Ambassador leaves the event, followed closely behind by one special detail agent, either Secret Service or more likely Israeli Embassy protection (green shirt/tie).

84:35 Hasan, relatively close to the departing Ambassador, one of a few to disregard the request, slowly starts to rise, as some VIPs in front of him are shaking hands with the leaving diplomat, provoking the moderator a THIRD time to tell him and the audience to sit down as told. Hasan can be seen sitting down, through the crowd, as told.

85:12 Hasan looks straight into the camera, he is in the center of the view, spotlight on his bald head which shines. His demeanor and facial manner have an odd, dark nature about them. The Ambassador has left the immediate area and is exiting the auditorium.

Whenever this Hasan appears in the video, he did not look like a happy camper. We may suspect, in his Salafist Fundamentalist rage, he may well have been seething inside at the positions expressed by the Ambassador; this event was right during an Israeli flare up with Hamas Palestinian terrorists on the Gaza Strip (Operation Cast Lead) due to their terrorist rocket attacks on civilians in Israel.

Shown at the very end of the video even appears to be Amb. Paul Bremer, who served as chief of the Coalition Authority to Iraq, and other VIPs well within close range of Major Hasan.

For general discussion and input, additional videos or audios, eyewitness reports, etc. Of particular value would be the video or audio if it exists of the one HSPI event in Washington, D.C. when mass murderer Major Hasan made a general audience question into a public statement. Assistance is requested in finding and disseminating that one in particular, which may well provide some keen insight into this individual and perhaps even prove some pundits off-target in their current criminal profile and analysis.

The event in question was sponsored by the Homeland Security Policy Institute.