Two Simple Words (a poem)

Have you thanked a soldier lately

For everything they've done?

For all their work and sacrifice;

For battles lost or won?

Have you ever passed a moment in quiet solitude?

Thinking of a way to show support and gratitude?

What about two simple words?

Thank You

Remember those that came before us,

and those that stand with us today,

And to those whose time is not yet here,

I have two words to say -

Thank You

You have the Heart to stand and fight.

The Soul to stand for what is right.

You stand for Freedom, day and night.

For all this and more -

Thank You

Two simple words you may not hear enough

When the good is hard to see, or the battle is getting rough.

Although your heart may break, yet and still you remain tough.

For all that and more -

Thank You

And though I might not know your name,

We're Red, White and Blue... family the same.

You serve our country willingly, protect freedom without fail.

Compared your brave actions, these words may seem a little pale.

But still... for everything you are, and everything you do

I'd like to say two simple words -

Thank You