The Obama administration's mounting Middle East failures

The fiasco of US policy in the Middle East gets clearer each day. We have never had such an amateur hour.  Hillary Clinton praises Netanyahu for his concessions on settlements (after foolishly pressuring him for a total freeze), then gets flak about her praise for Bibi from the Palestinians and Eeyptians, so she misstates US policy and agrees publicly to maximalist Arab demands.  Clinton is turning into Joe Biden in a pants suit in terms  of the gaffes.  

As for Iran, I guess, the Iranians did not get the message about the new US negotiating strategy, as they try to send tons of new weapons to Hezbollah through Syria.  Syria was another engagement target of the Administration. I cannot recall an administration less willing to admit they blew it, so I do not expect soon to see them  give up on the strategy that has allowed Iran to continue to slap us around, and develop their nuclear  program while we try to engage. 

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All those Democrats in Congress who cry for Gaza (and the rabbis who fast for Gaza), might want to consider how it is that Hamas has the money to continue to smuggle in all those sophisticated weapons, now rockets able to reach Tel Aviv. They have chosen guns over butter. Is that our problem or Israel's?

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