The liberal colonization of America

We will see.Growing up of Mexican descent in the Southwest, I noticed that politicking often involves the cause of alleviating the suffering of the poor.  The Democratic Party has successfully convinced the minority masses in the Hispanic community of their deep desire to lift them out of poverty. 

Liberal policies of forced equality and equal outcome, hurting the rich and sympathizing with the plight of the poor, have given Democrats the political influence that has turned the Hispanic community into an accessory that they often wear around their political neck during election time -- sparkling for everyone to see their benefaction, though in actuality their enslavement.  The Democrats' feigned empathy becomes a disservice to the
upward mobility of minority populations in America.  Liberal colonization has made them weak and dependent, self-doubting, and fearful that America as a society is against them. 

Liberal colonization has spread its tentacles into lowering test scores, SAT scores, entrance exams, exams to become a firefighter, nurse, and others occupations.  When expectations are lowered, quality is lowered, and it indirectly kills the desire to be better.  Americans always strive to be the best.  Liberal colonization has done its best to kill that instinct.

Liberal colonizers reiterate time and time again that Americans must be saved from themselves  and told what to do, because they follow the tenets of noblesse oblige, an obligation stemming from a privileged guilt or an arrogant belief that their acts of kindness will make amends to the poor and those who don't know better, and garner them the power of worship.  Liberal colonizers love to be worshipped for their good deeds, though it comes at a cost of a loss of freedom, more taxation, and the scarcity of opportunity.   

Liberal colonization excuses success, and cripples its citizenry from functioning as viable, competent, and determined citizens.  Determined citizens equal determined Americans, "huddled masses yearning to breathe free."   But for Democrat colonizers, Americans have become huddled masses deserving to be taxed.  It is the desire for freedom that threatens liberal colonizers who have deliberately and quietly enslaved America.

My parents both came from homes that had dirt floors.  My father was born in America; his parents died when he was a young boy, my mother only attended elementary school in Mexico.  They voted Democrat most of their adult lives, yet they voted for President Reagan, twice.  They appreciated his love for this country and his love for Americans.  President Reagan trusted Americans.  He trusted my parents, wanted them to keep their money, and achieve the dreams they had for themselves and their seven children.  It's amazing how easy liberal colonization is defeated by the simple idea of trusting Americans and in America.  As these latest elections demonstrate, Americans are looking to be trusted.  They have become the angered masses demanding to be heard.  Will elected officials learn from President Reagan? We will see.
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