Tea Party Express II Tour: A Great Day in Texas!

He hates it when we call him "cheese head". Forty something year old white male, Hustusa has been following the Tea Party Express tour across America. He wears a triangle hat shaped like the cheese head hats wore by Green Bay Packers football team fans. Hustusa's hat reads "I didn't vote for this Obamanation" on all three sides. He also carries a tall sign and sells buttons at every rally. A general contractor by trade, Hustusa said his phone stopped ringing the day after Obama was elected. He lost his home earlier this year.

In Amarillo TX, I met a grandmother who is raising a little boy, not her own, on a widow's income. She proudly told me, "I never asked nobody for a bailout!" This feisty grandmother is not infected with the entitlement mindset being spread by liberal Democrats.

The crowds love it when I (a black man) say I am not a hyphenated American. In Beaumont, TX, a white cowboy approached me at the rally pushing a stroller with two black babies. He said, "My babies are hyphenated Americans until we get their citizenship a week from today". He explained that he and his wife (also white) wanted children who really needed them. They adopted two black babies from Ethiopia. Today they are Ethiopian-Americans. Next week, they will be Americans! But how could such a "color blind" act of love happen? The Left says only racists attend the tea parties.

Also in Texas, a woman with her husband asked me to let America know about the plight of our truckers. She said her husband, along with hundreds of thousands of other truckers across America, are out of work. She lamented that trucking companies who have been in business for a hundred years have closed their doors. Truck stops which used to be full are empty.

In case anyone thinks the Tea Party Movement is winding down, think again. At a whistle stop rally in Brenham, TX, our Tea Party Express bus was greeted by 600 cheering patriots; extremely grateful we stopped in their town.

We are 14 days, several states, two and three rallies per day into the national Tea Party Express II tour. We hear and feel the same emotions at every rally. The American people are frustrated, angry and terrified of the Obama administration's agenda. We (Tea Party Express) give them hope that "We The People" can and will save the America we know and love.

Lloyd Marcus, (black) Unhyphenated American