Real cost of senate reform bill: $1.625 Trillion

The Senate has proposed a Health Care Reform bill that the CBO says will only cost $849 Billion over the first 10 years (2010-2020).   As the days go by, it will be determined that the actual cost will be much higher as was the case with the House passed version.

Nonetheless, let us accept this number as valid and do some simple arithmetic.  One of the reasons the final tally is "only" $849 Billion is that taxes are collected for 10 years (2010-2019); however, actual health care expenditures are scheduled just for the final 6 years of that period. 

So the yearly cost of the health care per this bill is in reality:  $141.5 Billion.  Therefore, the true cost of the bill (using the CBO numbers) is $1.415 Trillion over the first 10 years of usage (2014-2023).

The taxes collected in those first 4 years, as history has amply proven, will be spent on other budget items or applied to the deficit.  The revenue will be placed in the same "lock-box" as social security. There will be no reserve for health care when the program begins in 2014.

Another cost that must be accounted for; The House passed a companion bill to change the doctor compensation rate for Medicare, which originally was part of the various Health Care Reform bills, but voted on independent of these bills in order to make the numbers look better.The cost: $210 Billion.

Therefore being as simplistic as possible by using the CBO numbers that so excited Harry Reid, the 10 year cost of the Senate Health Care Reform bill is:  $1.625 Trillion not $849 Billion.