Radicals on the Run?

How many more Maoists and Van Jones-style radicals are in the Obama administration?   Some White House aides are concerned about the radicals in the House, and wonder if it's not too late to show them the side door at midnight.  

According to the American Spectator, recently-resigned senior advisor Susan Crawford "ran afoul" of senior economics advisor Larry Summers over the Net Neutrality rules that Crawford strongly supported. Apparently Summers only learned how radical the rules were when he started fielding questions from his contacts in the business community.  It appears that Crawford's radical ideas on government control of the internet, combined with her "blind-siding" Summers, were enough to have her shown the door, although the official White House stance is that she had to return to her tenured academic position.  The Robert Gibbs public persona on the Obama White House may also conceal further rumblings over radicals:

Crawford's exit comes at a time when some Obama Administration aides, after seeing the fallout from the resignation of Van Jones and the spotlight placed on leftists inside the administration, like Anita Dunn, wonder if it is too late to pull back many of the more radical aides now placed in a number of different cabinet level departments, including the Department of Justice, and the Energy and Education departments, and federal agencies. "They haven't done us any good on any level," says the White House aide. "And now they are just a bunch of targets on our back that we can't shake."

How long a strong-willed individual like Summers could go on without conflict with the radicals in the roost has been a bit of a mystery until now.  It would appear that the ongoing tensions between the moderates and the radicals over Obama policy-making have potential to result in a few more ejections from one side or the other.    
The radicals on the inside should be no surprise given some of the visitors from the outside, as reported last week: George Soros (4 visits), S.E.I.U. President and A.C.O.R.N. associate Andy Stern (22 visits), N.O.W. President Kim Gandy (15 visits), John Podesta, President of the Soros-funded Center for American Progress (17 visits), Jesse Jackson (6 visits), Al Sharpton (2 visits) and climate radical Al Gore (4 visits).

With the likes of John Holdren, Cass Sunstein and Carol Browner at the top of the radical food chain in the White House, not to mention the Radical-In-Chief, one can only speculate at what kind of strange creatures are hiding from the daylight in the recesses of the Obama administration.  

Oh to be a fly on the wall as the tension builds in a White House increasingly out-of-step with the rest of the country.