Put Chris Dodd on the 'Most Endangered Incumbent' list

Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd now trails the CEO of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), Linda McMahon by 2 points. Rob Simmons, the former Congressman, and likely the strongest candidate for the GOP in the race, leads Dodd 49-38.

Connecticut is a solid blue state. Obama won by 23% in 2008, and Dodd won re-election in 2004 by 34%. There is a point, especially when there is a strong anti-incumbent mood, where voters just want to change the channel. Dodd has been damaged by the financial collapse, with which he is associated, and his cozy ties with Countrywide Financial that got him a sweetheart loan .

He will be very well funded for his campaign., but it may not be enough. More than anything else, he now sounds whiny.