Palin on the Run?

I’ve read some misguided partisan ranting before, but the piece, “Gone Rogue” (how original) by Newsweek’s Evan Thomas is in a class by itself. That it passes for a news story is telling of how detached the elitists in media really are.

Nothing exceptionally newsworthy is going on (a book tour!), yet we are witnessing a foaming hysteria from all fronts of the liberal establishment. And, we must ask: Why? Sarah Palin is merely promoting her book.

The degree to which the left fears Palin is astonishing.

The former governor isn’t even talking about running for office and yet Newsweek proactively displays Palin on its cover in running shorts with the flattering words: “She’s Bad News for the GOP—And for Everyone Else, Too.” She’s bad and it’s driving liberals mad.

The Associated Press assembled 11 “journalists” to “fact check” Palin’s book. (Conservatives are still waiting for the AP dream team to fact check Obama’s, Clinton’s and Gore’s books.) The New York Times summarized the 432 pages as a “payback” to the McCain campaign. And the Huffington Post pointed to the book’s 18 “biggest falsehoods.” These operatives are fast! Maybe they could gather the needed “facts” to assist Obama in his Afghanistan decision.

In the “Gone Rogue” Newsweek piece, Thomas asserts that moderate Republicans “scoff” at Sarah Palin. I don’t believe it’s intellectually honest to use the term moderate Republican without definition. Of course liberals and leftists scoff at Palin. And a fair number of the clueless classes, those who mimic the media elitists, also scoff at Sarah. Scoffing at Palin is trendy and fashionable. Demeaning Palin makes a statement. “She’s really dumb and I’m really smart for believing she’s really dumb.”

Not every conservative agrees on the viability or desirability of a prospective Palin presidential candidacy (and she’s not talking of one). But, it’s beyond rational to jump from disagreeing to rabid hatred, as the left does. The Palin derangement syndrome of the left reveals more about the left than many of us would care to know.

The gist of the Thomas piece is to push the narrative that the odds of Ms. “right-wing populist,” Sarah Palin, beating Obama in 2012 are a long, long shot.

You see, in “modern memory, Capitol Hill has never been so polarized. With conservatives refusing to reach across the aisle, it will be hard to get even the most modest health-insurance reform through the U.S. Senate . . . .” Yes, that’s an actual quote.

So if the country is divided now what would it look like with a President Palin?

According to Thomas, Obama tried to work with the Republicans, but has “so far failed to win the battle for the center.” You remember Obama’s hard work at bipartisanship: “I won. I will trump you on that…”

If a wonderful moderate like Obama can’t work with the obstinate Republicans, as Thomas believes, Palin would really have trouble. After all, with the Palin types, “Everything is reduced to us and them.” That’s an interesting way to define Palin while one of the most partisan, ideologically driven men in U.S. history occupies the White House.

How ever far Palin is to the right of center -- the truth is that Obama is even farther to the left. Palin believes in a traditional, strong, energy independent America. Meanwhile, Obama is on a quest to fundamentally remake the country. Palin might be a polarizing figure, but Obama is more so. And that is understandable considering that only 20 percent of the country identifies with the liberal sect, of which Obama represents.

What those on the left fail to recognize is that Obama is causing a conservative revival, the likes of which we have not seen “in modern memory.”

I believe the 2010 elections are going to hit out-of-touch elitists like a ton of bricks.

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