On to Copenhagen for Obama and a climate conference with no real agenda

President Obama will attend the Copenhagen climate talks in December, despite the fact that global warming has recently been shown to be a fraud.  

According to the the Los Angeles Times Greenspace blog ,

The White House will also announce today that the United States will commit, in the talks, to reduce its emissions of the heat-trapping gases scientists blame for global warming "in the range of" 17 percent below 2005 levels by 2020, the official said. That's the target set out in the climate bill the House passed in June.


White House officials said the decision to attend came after productive climate discussions between Obama and the heads of China and India, two developing nations whose participation is seen as critical to any successful effort to avert catastrophic climate change."

 Apparently, "White House officials" don't read much. The news that global warming is a fraud based on falsified data may not have penetrated the truth-resistant noggins at CNN and other mainstream obamulators, but more credible sources worldwide have it on the front page.
Clearly, Climategate is a story no sensible person dare ignore.   Moreover, it's growing, as links between and among data-faking scientists, the United Nations, and complicit government officials in many countries are exposed. Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) yesterday called for an investigation by the Senate Environment and Public Affairs Committee.

Climategate is gaining force, a tsunami of truth poised to strike.

Meanwhile, Obama suns himself on a beach, surrounded by a crowd of admirers.  A messenger runs by shouting, ‘There's a wave coming!  Get off the beach!"   He doesn't even break through the crowd.  Obama doesn't even hear him.
Or does he? I can't imagine Obama being so politically incompetent as to let Climategate damage him.  I predict the aftermath of the wave of truth will find a a certain "White House official" flattened amongst the wreckage, along with Obama's warmist czars Holdren (science) and Chu (Energy).  As Climategate deluges the mainstream media, these and other White House warmists are likely to resign "to spend more time with family" or start a new liberal think tank. What are czars for, if not to take a dunk for The One?  

As for Obama himself, I think he'll end up lounging in a cabana, smoking a cigarette and looking out over the drowned bodies of his former advisors...dry, cool and still in power. So deep is the mainstream media's entrancement over him, I expect it will take more than one tsunami of truth to bring him down.  White House media manipulators will convince Obamulatory news organizations to focus on an issue to crowd out climate truth (the Afghan war, the flu, they'll find a front pager), allowing Obama to take cover in the new ‘crisis'.   

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