Obama's Berlin snub in focus

The President of leisure has a pretty slow day Monday, highlighting the point that no pressing business kept him from celebrating the fall of communism 20 years after the Berlin Wall fell. Jim Gerraghty of The Campaign Spot on National Review goes over the official schedule for our leader yesterday:

Just look at the man's schedule: He had a 10 a.m. daily briefing from the intelligence community, a 10:30 a.m. economic daily briefing, an 11 a.m. meeting with senior advisers . . . and then, right after that, at 6:45 in the evening, he had to sign an executive order about hiring veterans, and at 7 p.m. he had a meeting with Israeli prime minister Netanyahu (with preconditions).

Apparently the President spent a good part of the day sitting around the Rose Garden.

Hat tip: J.C. Arenas

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