Obama: Tax increases for thee, not for me.

While President Barack Obama (D) positively, absolutely promises not to increase the taxes of the middle class, only force those bad folks who have the nerve to earn more than the middle to pay more taxes, he and his Chicago buddies have some explaining to do.

According to a report by Tim Novak in the Chicago Sun Times , Obama and his fellow Chicago Democratic machine pols, all of whom have much above average incomes, received below average city property tax increases. Interesting.

While the median Chicago property tax bill zoomed up 9.6%

But not President Obama. His taxes on his Kenwood mansion are up just 1 percent, records show.


Obama's seeing one of the smallest increases among Cook County politicians.

Other Chicago politicians who happily confiscate other peoples' money to redistribute to themselves and other projects of their own choice but lightly suffered below average tax increases are Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel whose bill was up 3.6%, Mayor Richard Daley (D) a below average 3.52% while Illinois' deposed former governor Rod Blagojevich (D) has to pay 5.18% more this year.

Oh yes, perhaps there are perfectly reasonable explanations for this. And for the other politicians who are not suffering the financial pain of their burdened brethren. Reasonable for those lucky ones that is. But not for the little guy the politicians profess to love.
If it happened in the president's home town the same forces will guarantee it goes national. No matter what he says he'll change.

hat tip: Instapundit