Newt nuggets?

I visited Newt Gingrich's website this morning hoping to find some pearls of wisdom about yesterday's election results from the former Speaker of the House and was sadly disappointed to find nothing.  In fact, since Dede Scozzafava's endorsement of Democratic candidate Bill Owens for New York's 23rd District House seat, Newt has been mute.

Newt's website touts him as:

" of the most highly sought-after public speakers, accepting invitations to speak before some of the most prestigious organizations in the world.  Because of his own unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Newt is able to share unique and unparalleled insights on a wide range of topics.  His audiences find him to be not only an educational but also an inspirational speaker."

Mr. Gingrich, because of my own unquenchable thirst for political knowledge I am seeking your unique and unparalleled insights on what happened in the NY 23rd House race.  I look forward to your educational and inspirational explanation as to why you backed Ms. Scozzafava and why she betrayed the Republican Party.

I have my own ideas and I would be curious to see if they match Mr. Gingrich's.