Navy Seals capture most wanted terrorist - arrested for assault

First we had Congressman John Murtha accusing US Marines of atrocities in Haditha, Iraq - a blatant lie based on false information supplied by the enemy. Those Marines had to face an arduous multi-year trial despite the obvious fabrication of evidence, and it is still not over for some.

Next we have the Obama administration seeking to soothe Muslim fears about "backlash" after a Muslim Major commits the first successful act of terrorism on our soil since 9/11, while they withhold evidence about the case from Congress and do more to suppress than investigate the nature of the attack.

Now we have the spectre of seeing three U.S. Navy SEALs arrested because the terrorist they captured claims he was punched!

Who is the enemy here? Four SEALs captured Ahmed Hashim Abed, codenamed "Objective Amber" on September 3rd. Abed was the ringleader of the group who ambushed four security contractors in Fallujah in 2004, and hung their burned bodies on a bridge. One of the four, Scott Helvenston, had been a Navy SEAL himself for twelve years.

But now Abed is claiming he got a bloody lip. And the Navy is prosecuting. These people are insane! Give the SEALs a medal for a dangerous, thankless job well done, and suggest that Abed get on his knees and thank God he wasn't captured by someone else.

What I want to see is an investigation of the Navy legal team and the chain of command that ordered and condoned this arrest. This aggressive prosecution of battlefield events, where enemy terrorists are treated as "witnesses" to a "crime" has always looked more like a deliberate strategy to hamstring warriors and thwart battlefield success rather than merely the misguided application of political correctness.

At best these should be considered vindictive prosecutions, but I believe something much more malevolent is at work. I believe the person or persons who find cause here seek to sow doubt, demoralization and bring unbearable stress to bear on front line forces.

Outrage doesn't begin to describe this travesty.

I'm sure this administration will applaud the Navy's efforts to achieve justice for poor Abed. With their superior global awareness, they will surely want these SEALs given a fair trial in an appropriate setting. To demonstrate their evenhandedness to the terrorists, they'll probably choose GITMO.

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