Mixed Marriage

No, I'm not referring to marriages between blacks and whites, or Christians and Jews. I'm talking about marriages where one person is liberal and the other is conservative. To be more specific, I'm writing about my own marriage and I invite my esteemed AT readers to offer their advice.My husband and I were liberal Democrats for most of our lives. On occasion we used to talk about couples who were not politically aligned and wondered how they dealt with that in their relationship. Did they argue? Did they just not talk politics? Were they able to have interesting discussions and then agree to disagree? Did one sway the other's opinion over time? It was a puzzle.Now I find that I am in one of those relationships! In recent years, I have moved farther and farther to the right and now find that I am quite conservative on most issues. My husband, however, has remained for the most part, liberal. It's difficult, to say the least.For me, a person's politics says a lot about the person. Their...(Read Full Post)