Kiwi challenges Gore's 'settled science'

Lesson one: when green Leftists try to shut down a democracy it isn't because they can defend their arguments, it's because they can't.  

Free speech also means nothing, without open public debates. So, what gives Al Gore the right to declare that the so-called "debate is over" in places like New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, or the U.S.? 

In Air Con, Ian Wishart, a critical-thinking New Zealander, dismantles the Left's worst myths through sharp questions, a good many blow-your-mind quotes, and don't-try-to-fool-me  arguments.

While the investigative journalist once believed in global warming, he now unapologetically submits (p.12):

The biggest lie in Al Gore's comments is this: "The science is settled." It's what practitioners of the dark arts of public manipulation refer to as a "lizard brain" phrase, that parks itself deep into the subconscious of listeners, thanks to a comforting appeal to authority figures (scientists), and an assurance they've got it right (settled). Lizard brains are where instinctive, knee jerk reactions are generated often before the person consciously realises.

And how ethical is it to whine (without evidence) that all AGW skeptics are nefarious millionaires, when Al Gore is jet-setting around the world with his carbon-hungry entourage?

Wishart isn't afraid to state what so many of America's anti-investigative journalists prefer to ignore (p.192):

In the case of "follow the money", it's important to recognise that both sides in this debate have a financial motivation, but arguably that of global warming believers is bigger. In the scientific community there's a standing joke, "No problem = no funding." In other words, to keep getting the research grants scientists have to keep coming up with problems requiring research or solution. In most cases, public tax money funds this and those projects that are seen as the most important get the most funding. Global warming is sex on a stick in the science community right now.

Gore's I-am-the-king-of-the-world arguments show a lack of maturity and are circular in nature. Can he really read the hearts and minds of all skeptics? Are only Gore-friendly businesspeople saintly carriers of righteous moneybags?

Furthermore, pro-liberty advocates reject the idea that all government-first researchers are pure, sanctified, and cleansed. The former adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Lord Christopher Monckton, praises Wishart's "timely book." Likewise, UN IPCC expert reviewer, Dr Vincent Gray believes he's done a "thorough job."
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