It's Time Obama Apologize to 1945 Germany

In China, President Obama apologized for America ... again. The problem with frequent apologies is that they soon beg the question: Where does one stop, once one starts?  

In China, “He acknowledged America's shortfalls and went out of his way to welcome China into a role of global leadership. He even ducked the only edgy question - from his ambassador, Jon Huntsman - about the great ‘firewall’ of China.”  He apologized for the way “women in America” are treated by “men with old fashioned ideas about women.” China censored some of his remarks about them censoring others’ remarks.  What a surprise!

In a recent posting, AT Readers contributed richly to A Lexicon of Political Speech.  Given the President’s propensity to apologize for America, it’s time we offer the White House suggestions for more Obamapologies.  

Otherwise, we’ll eventually have to apologize to all those to whom he fails to apologize for not having apologized to them.

Here’s one suggestion:  It’s time Obama apologize to the German people for having foisted upon them governments they did not choose for themselves at the end of World War II.  

The National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazis) was the duly elected ruling party in the 1932 German elections. They legally, by German law at that time, became the power brokers of the Third Reich.  Okay, some of what they did when they got power was questionable, but, hey, the German people did vote them in. And, as we are often reminded, elections do have consequences.

After the end of World War II, new political systems were imposed on West and East Germany.  So, it’s time that our President delivers this apology.

“As the President of the United States of America, and on behalf of the American people, I apologize to the German people for having participated in the imputation of not one, but two political systems on Germany the end of World War II.

First, we apologize for being complicit in the imputation of a totalitarian government on East Germany by our former ally, the Soviet Union.

Second, we apologize for joining with our primary European allies, Britain and France, in forcing a Western style democracy s on West Germany. In doing so, we engaged in industrial-strength meddling in the internal affairs of post-World War II Germany.

It was, in retrospect, an unfortunate exercise in blatant hegemony. And, for this reason, we, the American people, whom I represent since they elected me, just as Germans once elected Adolf Hitler, do herein apologize for our arrogant meddling.

We’re sorry.”

There are, no doubt, other opportunities for Obamapologies.  You’re invited to offer suggestions (without citations).  I’ll add them to a list I’ll mail to the White House as representing recommendations from me and some of my unidentified “friends.”