It's still all about him

Although he was too busy to attend the celebrations commemorating the destruction of the Berlin wall, President Barack Obama (D) did dispatch his underlings to mingle with the allies who now love us as they no longer have to deal with his predecessor. However his spirit lingered over the city where he campaigned for the U.S. presidency in the summer of 2008 and gave a speech, sharing the spotlight with no one. But he did send congratulations with the U.S. delegation.

President Barack Obama extends his congratulations to the people of Germany - and the people of Europe. On November 9, 1989, Germans from both sides of the wall joined together, moving freely between East and West - something that had been denied them for over a generation. This year, we commemorate and recognize their decision, and the decisions of the peoples of Central and Eastern Europe in 1989 to choose freedom over oppression, liberty over captivity, and hope over despair.

He also proclaimed November 9, 2009 as World Freedom Day.

Today, the barriers that challenge our world are not walls of cement and iron, but ones of fear, irresponsibility, and indifference. History reminds us that such walls can be torn down, but where they still exist we must work with all nations to strengthen civil societies, support democratic institutions and the rule of law, and promote free and fair electoral processes. Upholding these principles into the 21st century will require America's enduring commitment and steady leadership.

From our first days as a Nation, Americans have felt a sense of urgency and determination to promote liberty and release the potential within each individual to contribute to the common good. On World Freedom Day, we celebrate the thriving democracies of Central and Eastern Europe, and we honor their citizens' right to choose their own destinies and contribute to their nations' future success.

Good. But, in a video r eleased by the White House, Obama informed those assembled in Berlin who was really at the center of this celebration of freedom. And in his version it wasn't former President Ronald Reagan (R) who, after building up America's--and thus Europe's--defenses stood at the wall itself in 1987, ordering Russia's Gobachev "tear down this wall." No, as Obama reminds the world, at the time of the destruction of the wall

No one could have foreseen on that day that German ally America would be led by man of African descent.

Narrow minded people. For in Obama's mind, that's what the destruction of the Berlin wall was all about: Barack Hussein Obama.

Ironically, on that same date 71 years ago, 51 years before the Berlin wall fell, on November 9, 1938, Nazis in Berlin and throughout Germany began their formal oppression of Jews; rounding up and arresting many, burning, destroying and looting synagogues, Jewish private property and Jewish businesses. Known as Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, it occurred before Obama's birth.

Strength, power and determination by millions defeated Nazi Germany so others could live free; strength, power and determination by millions defeated communism so others could live free.

And that's what should be, must be remembered.