Iran's Supreme Leader spurns Obama overtures

What's so disheartening about this is not that Khamenei has rejected any idea of talks with the United States. This was to expected by anyone with half a brain and no naive illusions about the nature of the Iranian regime.

What is truly depressing is that the message from Iran's Supreme Leader that he will not talk to the US and that indeed, such dialogue is "naive and perverted" will be ignored by the White House and they will continue groveling before the Iranians anyway.

Thomas Erdbrink and William Branigin writing in the Washington Post:

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, 70, said Obama has approached him several times through oral and written messages. It was the second time that Khamenei, who wields ultimate political and religious authority in Iran, has referred to the president's outreach.

The White House has not confirmed sending letters to the Iranian supreme leader but has acknowledged a willingness to talk to Tehran and said it has sought to communicate with Iranian leaders in a variety of ways.

In his harshest comments yet on the Obama administration, Khamenei said in a speech Tuesday that the United States has ill intentions toward Iran and is not to be trusted.

"The new U.S. president has said nice things," he said. "He has given us many spoken and written messages and said: 'Let's turn the page and create a new situation. Let's cooperate with each other in resolving world problems.' "

Khamenei said he had responded in March to Obama's overtures, referring to a speech in which he said he would wait for changes in U.S. policy toward Iran before reassessing ties.

Since then, Khamenei said, "what we have witnessed is completely the opposite of what they have been saying and claiming. On the face of things, they say, 'Let's negotiate.' But alongside this, they threaten us and say that if these negotiations do not achieve a desirable result, they will do this and that."

Obama has bent over backward, pleaded, begged, made a spectacle of himself - it's sickening. To see a US president so much in love with his own perceived ability to "turn the page" with this crew of thugs, cutthroats, and brigands is the most pathetic chapter in modern American diplomatic history.

If he's sending these kinds of missives to Khamenei, what do you think he's saying to Chavez in his private communications?

I don't want to think about it.


Hat Tip: Ed Lasky