Iran rejects nuclear deal trumpeted as a 'victory' by Obama

It's true that most news has a limited shelf life. It's hard to remember what happened last week much less last month.

Let me jog your memory. On October 1 in Geneva, the so called "P5+1" powers met with Iran and at the end of the day, announced that a deal had been reached for Iran to ship its low enriched uranium out of the country to complete its processing, thus assuring that it could not turn its stockpile into a weapon.

This "agreement" was hailed at the time as proof that engaging Iran in diplomacy works. The left, as the left is wont to do, stuck its tongue out at Obama detractors and gave a big "I told ya so" to the right.

But all was not well with this "agreement." In fact, the ground began to shift within a couple of days as the Iranian leadership became more and more reluctant. They wanted to ship the stockpile piecemeal. They wanted guarantees. They wanted respect. They whined that the west was setting a trap.

And now Stratfor (subscription required) is reporting that the deal is off.


Iran has rejected a deal on its nuclear program brokered by the P-5+1
nations but U.S. President Barack Obama has postponed announcing Tehran's
decision for internal political reasons, according to a senior unnamed
Western official, Israel Radio reported Nov. 14. The official also said Iran
has refused to resume talks with the P-5+1 nations.

Is anyone but Obama and his pie in the sky liberal base surprised? The president is holding back the good news no doubt so that his triumphant trip to Asia isn't ruined by questions about his failed policy toward Iran.

What next with Iran? You're kidding, right? This is a guy who's taken 5 months to decide what to do about Afghanistan. How long do you think it will take for Obama to "reassess" our Iranian strategy?

Meanwhile, the mullahs have bought themselves 6 weeks. I wouldn't doubt that as long as the western powers are dumb enough to play their game, they will continue this charade until it's far too late to stop them.

Hat Tip: Rich Baehr