Hamas bans women dancers - and scooters too

Israel's partner for peace - at least they would be if Hamas didn't want to blow the Jews off the face of the earth - have just issued a clarion call for anti-modernity.

They are forbidding women from committing the egregious transgression of riding behind men on motor scooters. I guess the rationale there is that if they ride behind males, they have to hold on to them so they don't fall off. Holding is touching. And touching the opposite sex leads to...well, those folks in Hamas sure have overactive imaginations, don't they?

Besides keeping women from being tempted with hellfire and damnation, the progressives in Hamas have also banned...folk dancing! Apparently, Palestinian folk dances are quite suggestive - if you're an Islamist nutcase, that is.

All in all, no one is explaining how 21st century Israel can deal with 7th century Hamas on any level they would understand as Daniel Williams of Bloomberg fills us in on some other efforts by Hamas to impose sharia while denying they are doing so:

Some of the efforts are meeting resistance. When Supreme Court Justice Abdel Raouf Al-Halabi ordered women lawyers on July 26 to wear headscarves and caftans in court, attorneys contacted satellite television stations including Al-Arabiya to protest. On Sept. 6, Hamas's Justice Ministry rescinded the directive.

Hamas officials say they have no plans to impose Islamic law. "What you are seeing are incidents, not policy," said Younis al-Astal, a Hamas legislator. "We want Islamic law to be the standard, but we believe in persuasion."

In an Oct. 13 speech, Abbas said Hamas was establishing an "emirate of darkness" in Gaza. Abbas's Fatah movement has long viewed itself as a secular nationalist movement open to Muslims and Christians.

At the immigration office at Gaza's border with Israel, a sign warns that alcoholic beverages, forbidden under Islam, will be poured out "in front of the owner."

The government's Islamic Endowment Ministry has deployed Virtue Committee members to preach at public places to warn of the dangers of immodest dress, card playing and dating.

Dancing Ban

The opening of the Palestinian Heritage Museum on Oct.7 was meant to include a rendition of the dabke, a line dance performed by girls and boys. Except that no girls were allowed.

Black-shirted men from Hamas carrying AK-47s appeared at the gates of the museum, on Gaza's waterfront, said Jamal Salem, the curator. They said girls shouldn't dance because it wasn't religiously proper. Nor could they share the stage for the inaugural speeches, said Salem.

Do you know how bad it's getting in Gaza? Even Abbas thinks Hamas is going to far with this sharia thing. An "emirate of darkness" pretty much describes these thugs to a "T." 

The "dabke" is a dance you see at a lot of Arab weddings and is meant as an expression of community. Evidently, an AK-47 trumps "community" every time in Gaza.

Perhaps some day, the Palestinians will make some radical social progress and move into the 8th century. Until then, the Israelis are wise to be extremely cautious of people who treat women the same way they treat their goats.

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