Graph of the Day for November 10, 2009

"As fears of a backlash are going high among US Muslims, President Barack Obama urged Americans Saturday, November 7, not to jump into conclusions over a deadly attack on a military base in Texas, stressing the diversity of the US army." At least 13 dead.  IslamOnline

"Arab-Americans and Muslims fear backlash" after 911- 2,976  dead.  USA Today

"Muslim Leaders Fear Backlash" after London bombing, 56 dead.  The Guardian

"The Muslim Public Affairs Council today sent a letter to the Bush administration and the Obama transition team expressing concern about a potential backlash that could be triggered in the wake of terrorist attacks in Mumbai."  At least 195 dead.  MPAC

Source:   Michelle Malkin reposting chart from Investors Business Daily, based on FBI statistics.

Hoven's Index for November 10, 2009

Hate-crime incidents in the US in 2007: 7,624.

Anti-Islamic incidents:  115.

Anti-Jewish incidents:  969.

Anti-Other religion: 130.

Anti-white: 749.

Source:  FBI, Hate Crime Statistics, Table 1. 
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