Freedom & Security

A lot of people tell us that we have to give up some of our freedom in order to enjoy security. But that isn't true. The truth is that if we give up our freedom we will have neither freedom nor security.

Down through the ages, people have always found what they thought were good reasons to trade away freedom for security. But they, or their descendants, have always lived to regret that tradeoff. The reason is that freedom and security are not just about what we do. They are also about how we do what we do.

Human beings are blessed with an internal sixth sense, an ability to feel when something isn’t quite right. That internal compass tells us when we are doing something in a way that dishonors free will. When we act in a way that dishonors free will, we set in motion an undercurrent of forces that react against our action. That is a spiritual law, and it plays out in human history everywhere we look.

As we look at the way our national government is going about the passage of health care legislation, environmental legislation, and other pieces of social engineering, can we honestly say that Washington D.C. is honoring the free will of the American people? Look at it this way - if there were four people in a life boat and one wanted to go east while the other three wanted to go west, the one who wanted to go east might well think that the other three were being oppositional. But if he insisted on going east and taking everyone else with him, wouldn’t that be a dishonoring of free will?

Many polls show that almost 60% of the American people are opposed to what the Democrats are trying to do, and almost 80% of the American people don't like how they are trying to do it. For the Democrats to proceed with their legislative agenda in the face of such opposition is clearly a dishonoring of free will. By acting in that fashion, the Democrats are setting in play forces that will react against the actions they are now taking, because that is how the Spiritual laws of the Universe function.

Let those who have ears hear.