Disbelief in response to news of KSM's upcoming trial in New York

The news that the administration plans to try the 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a civilian court in New York has placed the Holder/Obama team's legal idiocy in the spotlight. Some have noted how impossible it will be to impanel a fair jury in NY where the most awful destruction occurred.Others note this makes NY the terror target of the world.Still others have questioned whether the Administration really plans to release Mohammad in case he would be acquitted, the administration having earlier suggested that in such cases it would retain the right to hold the accused - but acquitted -  in detention.It all appears suicidal as Tom Maguire notes :Team Obama has to postpone these trials until after the 2010 elections or this will go down as the biggest "own-goal" of the century millenium.NRO's Andy McCarthy has the most diabolical interpretation of this seemingly idiotic move:"So: We are now going to have a trial that never had to happen for defendants...(Read Full Post)