Climate fraud continues unraveling

The 62 megabytes of compressed data from one of the world's premier climate research organizations continue to be mined for further evidence of fraud, and conspiracy to violate freedom of information laws in the UK and USA. A keyword search engine now exists for the emails. James Delingpole reviews the MSM coverage of the biggest scientific scandal in history finds is meager, and focused on skeptics as the only people who really care, more or less.

This strategy will not be adequate. The established media no longer have the ability to quarantine embarrassing stories, particularly when they undermine the logic of a trillion dollar green scam. Sooner or later Republicans will find the guts to demand a congressional investigation, as the magnitude of the crimes sinks in. Federal funds were spent by the Hadley Gang.

Clarice Feldman writes: Doug Ross publishes some incriminating CRU emails neither he nor I have seen published elsewhere