Buffalo Gas

I would be a liberal if I could just figure out exactly what it is that they want. For years liberals have been trying to make us feel guilty because hunters and cowboys slaughtered the Native American buffalo population thereby killing off the American Indians' native food and raw materials source; killing off their way of life. Therefore, we should all become committed Marxist Utopians.

A piece in the U.K. Independent titled “Meat creates half of all greenhouse gases” indicates that the American Buffalo hunters may have simply been the first environmentally conscious Americans. In fact, as far as modern American progressives are concerned, I would think this should be a two-fer, possibly a three-fer, stopping those who would find dressing in fur acceptable (even chic) and putting a stop to the “Gassiness of the Great Plains.”

But No! Today’s progressives blame the world’s problems entirely on the United States’ “cowboy” mentality and George Bush in particular. Go figure.

What are we to do? If we follow the vegan path, which limits our source of protein to beans, we are led right back to the “Great Gassiness of the Plains.”

This progressive stuff never works out the way it is supposed to.