And the blame for Obamacare goes to...

Harry Reid got his sixty votes on the Senate floor yesterday, and Obamacare is nearly a done deal.

Who to blame for this atrocity for generations of Americans to come?

First, the sixty Senators who refused to listen to the majority of their constituents.

Second, the 54% of Americans who put a socialist into the White House.

Third, the 52% of American Catholics who voted for President Obama. The Catholic voting bloc is powerful and effective. The ultimatum that the USCCB in Washington, DC put out two weeks ago to the Congress about keeping abortion coverage out of the final health care bill was too little, too late. Some bishops have cried foul all along, but the group as a whole was on board with Obamacare until recently.

Now it looks like all of us will be forced to pay insurance premiums which insure that abortion on demand will be covered under the new health plan.

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