A dearth of private sector experience in Obama's cabinet

Can we be surprised that Barack Obama would chose a Cabinet so unreflective of America?

After all, Barack Obama thinks that raising capital gain taxes will not harm economic growth; he taunts bankers with the prospect of pitchforks coming towards them; he condemns "greedy" doctors; who thinks imposing massive costs for each additional hire (think health care, think rules and regulations); he trumpets cap and trade as a panacea leading towards growth (well..at least in Al Gore's wallet).

He also thinks that empowering unions who engage in thuggish tactics is the way to encourage business to invest. He believes a regulatory regime will not discourage business optimism. He thinks increased taxes will stimulate a work ethic and spending by consumers - and believes all this and more (particularly hectoring and insulting rhetoric) is a way to encourage growth.

Can one wonder why the Chamber of Commerce, representing small businesses throughout the nation, has some problems with the President and his team who disfavor and disdain the world on free enteprise?


But remember-we were all told how "brilliant" he was, and how his unparalleled judgment would lead us to peace and prosperity.

The lack of private sector experience in his cabinet - the biggest dearth in history - is indicative of Obama's attitude toward free enterprise.

NRO's Jonah Goldberg points us to this graph by Nick Schulz that reveals the huge discrepancy in experience outside of government of Obama's advisors:


When people know only government solutions to problems, we tend to get...government solutions to our problems.
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