Was Rush set up?

In the first segment of today's broadcast (update: transcript here), Rush Limbaugh revealed that he was approached by Dave Checketts about becoming a member of the group bidding for the St. Louis Rams, and that he warned Checketts of a political backlash. He was told that the deal was "wired."

Rush said nothing implying that he was set up. I suppose it is possible that Checketts and company never thought that Sharpton and Jackson would get involved. Checketts does control a major league franchise, the NHL St. Louis Blues, but the NHL's black players are not a very powerful force in the league. 

However, Rush also announced that George Soros now is part of the Checketts investor group, citing Reuters.

So the question has to be asked: was Rush lured into a manufactured controversy?

Now, he has to devote time and energy to defend himself from widely reported slanders and outdated photo ridicule. Meanwhile, his political enemies on the left get that much less scrutiny from the nation's most prominent conservative analyst.

This is Alinskyite political strategy exemplified. Force the opposition to play defesne, and take as many players off the field as possible.

I make it a rule to treat conspiracy theories with the utmost skepticism. This could be the case of a racially naïve man offering incorrect reassurances. And skepticism is warranted here. Especially about how this whole incident came down. What did Soros know, and when did know it? 
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