The Making of a Right-Winger

Thank-you, President Obama.  I think of my favorite hymn, Amazing Grace - "I once was blind and now I see".

I have lived a mostly apolitical life.  Oh, I mourned the end of Camelot with the assassination of JFK, abhorred the arrogance of Richard Nixon, suffered the gas lines under Carter's reign, listened with hope to Ronald Reagan's speeches and despised the amorality of the Clintons.  But still embraced no political ideology.

In 2000 I voted for George simply because I admired Barbara and he is her son.  Newly retired, I then had time to closely follow the coverage of the "stolen election".  "Count all the votes", the big Democrat lie, was the impetus for me to change my party affiliation to Republican.  Eight years later, not proudly, I voted for John McCain.

Almost a year after the election, with Obama's relentless attacks on our Constitution, I am a rabid, "hate mongering", "lying", "racist", "violence inciting", on the terrorist watch list right winger.  I have discovered Levin, Stehn, Rush, Beck, David Horowitz, The American Thinker, Imprimus, the Heritage Foundation and so much more.  My "seasoned citizen" brain is overflowing with knowledge of czars, White House and congressional corruption, communism and radicalism in America and, most importantly, the founding principles of our great nation.  Being informed isn't easy.  I email  and phone Congress and I worry about our future.  Ignorance cannot be reclaimed.  I once was an "in the closet" proud American.  I am now a loud, "you will not destroy our country", flag waving, "save our Constitution" PROUD AMERICAN. 

Thank you, President Obama.