Soros gets closer to drug legalization in America

George Soros, the kingpin of the Democratic Party and early and generous supporter of Barack Obama, scores one for the Soros Agenda: we are moving closer to the legalizing of drugs in America.

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. directed federal prosecutors Monday to back away from pursuing cases against medical marijuana patients, signaling a broad policy shift that drug reform advocates interpret as the first step toward legalization of the drug.

The laws are only as strong as the people who chose whether to enforce them. Holder has made a policy choice to allow states more freedom to allow people to buy, deal, and smoke marijuana. I am sure that the administration's selection of US Attorneys (who enforce federal law -- and choose what and whom to prosecute) will also have to pass some screening. Those versed in law are familiar with the concept of the slippery slope. Once a step is taken towards a particular position, there is a risk that future steps will be in the same direction.

Are we closer to not just the legalization of marijuana but all drugs?

If so, this would go a ways to fulfill the long held wish of George Soros to make recreational drugs legal in America.